Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Highway Patrol, ODOT: Talk to your kids about drugged driving for Holidays

We hear about Drunk driving all the time and often forget about drugged driving. Same thing actually.

When you talk to your teens this season about drunk driving, don't leave out the "drugged driving" part, either. Your kids are smart--smart enough to say, "I didn't have any drinks" justifying their crash when in fact they had taken 3 downers and smoked  a joint! Just cover your basis in parent/teen drunk/drugged driving talk this year.
Story here: Highway Patrol, ODOT: Talk to your kids about drugged driving: "The signs will show messages outlining the increase in drug related crashes and urging them to talk about the drug abuse epidemic. This is part of the state’s Start Talking Initiative, the release said."

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