Sober is the New Beautiful

Recovery in a 12 Step program is not a "woke" thing or a political thing or even a religious thing. It is a feet-on-the-ground program that addresses the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of dependence on mind-affecting chemicals--i.e., alcoholism and drug addiction. Granted, "alcoholism" is drug addiction but for cultural reasons, it is often confused as something different. This blog will not make that mistake. 

I have been clean and sober for well over 50 years now, having found the 12 Step programs at age 21. You may or may not benefit from what I have learned and this blog will attempt to share my experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly. My experience is not only personal (recovery in several 12 Step programs), but professional also. I have a degree in Drugs and Alcohol from Metropolitan University in Denver; I am a seven times peer-viewed published researcher; I have been a deputy in law enforcement; many of my family is in recovery or still in the throws of addiction. I am a Hazelden author and small publisher of really practical, down to earth recovery literature.  I've experienced this disease from all sides and want to share this with you. 

The best thing about my blog is that it is practical--not highfalutin, expensive, self-righteous, or especially not as an expert speaking down to you. This informative blog is peer to peer, one addict to another, one mother to another, one spouse to another, one professional to another, one friend to another. 

Join me, we are in this together.

PS I'm going to offer lots of free things for you to download or order for FREE that will help you help alcoholics and addicts in recovery. Start by subscribing to this blog and then download this great card to give to your favorite sober girlfriend:

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