Saturday, March 14, 2020

Not responsible to attend face to face 12 Step Meetings

Free Download Guide: 12 Step Virtual Meetings Guide (when community social distancing is required)
It is no longer responsible to go to face to face 12 Step meetings because of the multitude of  silent infections of Covid. Resume meetings later when the pandemic is on the downside here in the U.S. Silent infections are more numerous than we think and put everyone at risk.

German researchers found that traditional methods of screening for the virus often don't work. In a plane returning to Germany--10 passengers who they thought might have it did not, and "In a surprise twist, two of these seemingly healthy passengers tested positive for the virus. Two different labs confirmed their test results." If you are not worried for you, be worried for me. We have so many immune compromised people in the rooms, please please begin your virtual meetings.

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