Sunday, June 25, 2017

When children become the littlest victims in drug epidemic

I know so many addicts and alcoholics whose parents were also addicted. My Mom suffered from alcoholism and it colored everything about the way we grew up. My Grandmother was the who tried to rescue us by seeing that we had good school clothes and summer vacations. But least we not forget--my mother had the disease but she was also the first one into a 12 step program and brought the rest of us behind her. A curse and blessing all in one. Isn't that the way life is? Children are the victims--but sometimes, if a parent can find sobriety, they can turn the whole family around like my mother did for us--all her kids are sober, her nieces and nephews, and her brother.

Read about these kids--They have loving relatives to take them in and possibly someday their parents can turn around like my mom did.
 When children become the littlest victims in drug epidemic: "Aaron is 10 now, Katherine is 8 and Will is 7, the sons and daughter of Jim Bass and Ken Adcox of Alpharetta. They are also Jim Bass’ niece and nephews, children of an ever-increasing number of families unraveling because their parents are either in rehab, in jail, dead, or otherwise incapable of taking care of them because of substance abuse."

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  1. My grannie took care of us too. I loved my grandmother. I think about her often and wonder how our lives woudl have been different had she not been there to help us--my mom was so sick with alcoholisma nd few understood it was a disease.


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