Sunday, June 4, 2017

War Cries by Shelly Marshall - Step 12 Magazine

I often write for various recovery publications--I love sharing recovery. My most recent article made it in "Step 12 Magazine" and covers our use of slogans in recovery. Slogans and great one-liners--that is what our books at Day By Day use to carry the message. I hope you take a minute to read about War Cries and how they carry the message for us.
War Cries by Shelly Marshall - Step 12 Magazine: "Getting clean and sober can feel like war. War against a disease. Although we eventually learn to cease fighting anyone or anything, in the beginning we battle a ferocious enemy: the compulsion, obsession, and jonesing to pick up just one more time. To confront this fierce enemy, the old-timers gave us a very powerful tool in slogans, which often goes unrecognized."
Please note: Step 12 Magazine has merged with Serene Scene Magazine. Effective June 1, 2017, we will publish under the name of Recovery Illustrated. Same mission, new name. Join them!

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