Monday, December 3, 2012

Pocket Sponsor: "Holiday Special. Get your Pocket Sponsor in a pocket!

Every year we do something really special for Christmas. I am excited about this years special because it is sooo cute. It's our classic Pocket Sponsor sent as a gift and it comes in a jean pocket! As a gift it also comes with miniature ornament and gift tag saying it is from YOU! Look into it if you have people in recovery on your list--
Pocket Sponsor: "Holiday Special. Get your Pocket Sponsor in a pocket!
Order the Pocket Sponsor this holiday season and get it sent in a jean pocket ! The cost is the same, the pocket is FREE!  Hurry and order your Sponsors in a Pocket today. Offer expires Dec 25th.  (We can send as a gift and include a small ornament with a greeting saying the Pocket Sponsor is from you. All FREE)"
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  1. Too cute! Way too. I wonder if I can do that for other books for my kids? or friends? thanks, I may order one.

  2. wow--I want thsi for me. thanks!


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