Monday, December 24, 2012

Last minute gift for those in recovery

Last minute gift for your sponsor or sponsee? Or for you son or daughter in recovery?  Here are two suggestions, one that cost a few bucks and the other for free--you can email either gift or both.

1. FREE. Vision recovery meditations: (a Hopi tradition) Go here, pick the format you want, type in the code "Sobriety"  (capital S, no quotes) and a box will open for your name and email. Then it will take you to the free download page.

 2. $4.99 A digital copy of the Pocket Sponsor. Unfortunately it is only on the Kindle format, but the kindle reader for your computer is free.

Merry Christmas everyone, am thinking of all my friends this Christmas Eve.


  1. Thank you sooo much. I ordered three. what a great gift!

  2. FYI: this has been extended to Jan 30th--Its a great idea. We might make it permanent is we can find enough pockets!


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