Thursday, June 7, 2012

Parent of an Addict: What’s it Really Like?

What's it like to parent an addict? This is a great section of
Parent of an Addict: What’s it Really Like? | INTERVENE: A Community for Parents: "So what’s it really like raising a child with a drug problem?
It starts with letting go of the idea of having a “normal” life. Truthfully, it’s a far cry from the storybook life we all fantasized about once upon a time. Being a parent of an addict is about being more than you ever dreamed you could be. And most days it feels like you’re at war.
You quickly learn survival skills.  Not just physical survival. Yes, those are necessary at times, but also emotional survival skills."
 Dealing with a drug crisis is never easy and few sites and books tell parents the real truth. that's why its important to get material you trust. Be sure to check out parental book for dealing with a drug crisis and all the free material on our site Sober Coaching Your Teen.

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