Friday, September 19, 2014

Bill defining drug addiction as a mental illness

This makes me sigh  and wonder...I don't really like this because to stop the illness one just has to stop using the chemicals..technically addiction (includes alcoholism) is a brain chemistry problem/ Most mental illness is just that, whacked out brain chemistry. But, this one is so easy to fix (easy in the sense of what to do, not easy to get the the afflicted to do it) and that is to stop using! I have mixed feelings although technically it is a mental illness. Read about it here--more and more states will in fact do this. and it might go federal.

Bill defining drug addiction as a mental illness passes N.J. Assembly committee | "People could be ordered by courts to participate in outpatient treatment if their drug addiction puts their lives or the lives of others in danger, under a bill approved by a state Assembly panel Thursday."

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