Friday, October 25, 2013

5 myths about alcoholics - Per Wickstrom

This is a great article--and Mr Wickstrom does address the common myths about alcoholism. the Five myths he explains in detail are:
Myth #1: “Alcohol is not as addictive as cocaine, heroin, and other drugs.”
Myth #2: “Alcohol doesn’t kill like other drugs.”
Myth #3: “It’s relatively safe to drink while using prescription drugs.”
Myth #4: “The only rehabilitation that works for alcoholics is the Twelve Step (Alcoholics Anonymous) program.”
Myth #5: “You can always tell when someone is an alcoholic.”

If you still belive any of the above, please go to his sucess Site and read this article to find out why it is a myth.

For parents, there are a few more myths that need to be broken:

Myth # 6: If your child is a drug addict, you didn't raise them  in a healthy environment.
Myth # 7: Your addicted child should be treated in a teen center so he or she can relate.
Myth # 8: If your child is still an adolescent they are not really an addict--they are too young to really tell.
Myth # 9: AA is not a good place for you recovering child as their are sexual predators there.

Chew on those for a while-- if you believe any of them, go to Sober Coaching Your Teen and find out why they are myths...
5 myths about alcoholics - Per Wickstrom: "Alcoholism affects the young, the old, the skid row bum, the housewife, the burnt out salesman, the struggling artist, and the corporate CEO – no strata of life is exempt. As earlier stated, in order to address alcoholism, it is often necessary to design a program specifically tailored to each person. Treat people as individuals, and assist them in dealing with their individual problems connected with alcohol and drug abuse."

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