Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend-only drug use frequently slips into weekday drug use,

Peole don't "fall" into addiction and insanity--but build up slowly. They didn't need a study to know that weekend use graduates into weekday use for addicts..what we'd like to know, is why do some poeple NOT build into wekday use? Is it becasue they don't have the genitics to ease into addiciton? Is it becasue of their environment? Many questions...still too few answers--here is the study from the LA Times.

Weekend-only drug use frequently slips into weekday drug use, study says - LA Times: "ware, weekend ragers: A new study suggests that people who use drugs only on the weekends frequently begin using them on weekdays too."

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Offering Money to Smokers to Quit Pays Off, Study Finds

I like this!!!! It's a new look at getting people to do somehting that is good for them but maybe they don't really want kids and drugs. We know that these things don't work:

saying, "When I was your age..."
shaming (trying to make them feel guilty)
letting them drink at home so they won't drink with their friends
Howver, if you piad them not to do drugs...would it work? Somehting to think about! If it works for smoking, it just might work (at least with some kids) for drinking and druging...

Offering Money to Smokers to Quit Pays Off, Study Finds - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Offering financial incentives to smokers to quit is more effective than offering free counseling and nicotine replacement therapy, a new study concludes.

More than 2,500 CVS Health employees participated in the study. They were assigned to one of five groups: individual reward (based on their own performance); collaborative reward (based on their group’s performance); individual deposit (requiring an upfront deposit of $150 with subsequent matching funds); competitive deposit (competing for other participants’ deposits and matching funds) or usual care (including free smoking cessation aids and informational resources)."

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vaping Tricks Increase Teens’ Attraction to E-Cigarettes

Whaever happened to blowing bubbles and creating "tricks" with soap bubbles--now it has to be vaping??? Oh my, how times change.

Vaping Tricks Increase Teens’ Attraction to E-Cigarettes - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Many teens who use e-cigarettes say they enjoy performing tricks with the vapor, such as blowing smoke rings or creating funnels of smoke that look like tornadoes. Performing tricks is one of the top two reasons teens say they enjoy using e-cigarettes, Reuters reports."

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More parents fret over kids’ mental health than drugs

It's a shame but so many parents think their kids do not do drugs--or expeiriment..I've had so many kids come to me and ask me not to "tell my parents" and then confess to out of control driking or drugging. I've received messages form my web sites like   why is it so difficult to bleive--we know that most kids experiement with drugs, many abuse them, and yet parents always think they are the exception. Wishful thinking?

Are tyou a parent? Are your kids between 10 and 20? Then take this test:  from

More parents fret over kids’ mental health than drugs: study - NY Daily News: "Sixty-five percent of the 3,100 parents surveyed worry that their teen suffers from anxiety or depression, with nearly half saying that their kid has confessed mental health struggles to them.

But more than 75% kept their heads in the sand when it came to substance abuse, saying their little angels would never partake."

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Santa Monica 'Reality Parties' To Scare Parents Into Thinking Their Kids Are Addicts

Never heard of this before--reality parties. It is designed to get parents to see what a party is really like and is supposed to "scare" them into thinking their kids are headed for tragedy if they pal around with their friends at these parties--the article here is sarcastic but the concept is intriguing. these "reality" parties for parents might be poorly done, but I think if done right, it could be a good thing--open up dialog, and help parents see thsings they are blind to. It might be a good way to teach parents about Sober Coaching their kids.

Santa Monica 'Reality Parties' To Scare Parents Into Thinking Their Kids Are Addicts: LAist: ""The goal of the #ItsTooEasy Reality Party is to create an opportunity for parents, administrators and community leaders to come together to discuss how we can better protect our youth from the misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol," Brenda Simmons, Director of the Westside Impact Project, told the Santa Monica Mirror. Her organization is co-hosting the reality parties along with the CLARE Foundation and Straight Up Reality Improv, and will be sponsored in part with your hard-earned taxpayer dollars from the City of Santa Monica and its police department."

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Former anti-drug activists reflect on marijuana legalization

It's a thorny issue--this stuff about legalizing Drugs. Since we do allow the recreational use of drugs, mainly alcohol and cigarettes, I find it hard to rationalize why marajuana can't be among them. It certianly is less violent and disruptive than the drug acohol in the family and community. Humans use drugs. They always have and apparently always will. If we want to control their use as a culture and society, it woud lbe best to make it the least harmful form a societal and familial sense--that means taking the money out of it for the gangs and cartels (and some say the CAI). These women have an intersting take on it.

Former anti-drug activists reflect on marijuana legalization - The Washington Post: "But there was something different, Vonneva Pettigrew could tell, about her neighborhood that day. She could smell it when she walked along the residential streets lined with tidy brick houses and sense it when she talked to the neighbors. More people were smoking pot. And they were doing it in the open. Marijuana may have been legal for only a day, but for Pettigrew, 76, it was the 1970s all over again."

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