Thursday, July 21, 2016

Does naloxone encourage drug use - Practical Recovery

People send me things-some relevant, some silly, some asking to promote their treatment centers--some grateful people who use Day By Day Books and love them--this morning I received an email about naloxone to help combat overdose. Many believe that making this widely available will contribute to careless drug use because addicts will feel they have a way out--I'm not sure.

Do addicts really plan that far ahead? I know I didn't. I never sat and said to myself, "I think I can use more of this drug because my friends are here who will surely get me to the hospital." I never thought of the consequences, THAT was part of my addiction. Is naloxone a good thing? I am inclined to say yes. Below is a link to an entire guideline about the use of this safety drug.

Naloxone: Everything You Need to Know - Practical Recovery: "Does naloxone encourage drug use? The argument that access to naloxone increases or encourages drug use has yet to be proven. The thought is that naloxone instills a false sense of safety and encourages users to push past “safe” levels of use. Furthermore, some argue that providing an antidote sends the message that drug use is socially acceptable. As one scientific article points out, these arguments have no research to back them up, and to limit access to a life-saving drug based on unfounded theories is just plain unethical. Do you or someone you know need help with an opiate addiction? Detox, followed by inpatient or outpatient treatment can provide a great foundation for recovery."

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  1. Practical reocvery? Is that like practical magic? The only practical recovery I know of is a 12 step program.


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