Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jennifer’s legacy - Mother’s grief fuels push for substance abuse reform law

This is an interesting take on helping other with drug problems. I have usually believed that we need to let people kill themselves if they want--Alcoholics and drug addicts--you don't think clearly when on the drugs but if you take them willingly, do others have the right to stop you if you aren't hurting them?  This mother says YES. She believes if you can make decisions for a Alzheimer's victim then you can for someone messed up on mind-affecting chemicals too.

Well, she has a point. One I need to think about.

Jennifer’s legacy - Mother’s grief fuels push for substance abuse reform lawLargo Leader - Tampa Bay Newspapers: "Blair said the Jennifer Act could’ve given her the power she needed to save her daughter’s life. “I have power of attorney over my mother, who is 81 years old. I have legal rights to make decisions as her advocate because she is elderly and can’t make medical decisions for herself sometimes and I can take over her affairs,” Blair said. “I have the right to do that, but I didn’t have the right to do that with Jennifer because she was over 18. I needed the right to be able to do that for Jennifer just like I can do it now for my mom. It’s the same thing. You are stepping in for somebody until they are stable or get clarity and then you can give them that power back to make medical decisions.” "

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  1. We never have the power to save others. We want to. We think we can. We can't.


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