Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nothing matters until we know it does

I always have to say to parents of teens and preteens--you don't know you need my workbook until its too late! Parents don't think drug crisis prevention is important until their kid is in real trouble. Even when they are beginning to get into trouble parents don't believe it's happening to their family and blame their child's friends. Parents don't wnat to believe their kid is in real danger until its in their face! So this is a great cartoon--meant for business people, just change a few words and it can refer to parents of teens.

until we know it does - Gapingvoid Blog | Gapingvoid Blog: "This is a riff on a constant theme of mine, “Nothing happens until somebody feels something.”
In other words, it’s amazing that for something to actually matter to us, a switch inside our head needs to be suddenly activated, instantaneously. And until that moment arrives, you’re wasting your time trying to change behavior.
But it’s too easy to forget this, when you’re sitting in a meeting, looking all sharp and businesslike, trying to sound clever and important."

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