Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Family Drug Addict and Thanksgiving

What a great article for any family that has to deal with their drug addict over the holidays! Alcoholism and Drug addiction ruined holdiay after holiday when I was a child--this story talks about dealing with it as an adult. Wow--worth reading. I especially realted to "All this contentment made me a sitting duck for the family drug addict and her annual permutations on holiday-destroying crisis creation." Forget that it's written on a chatolic blog--it's the truth and well written!

The Family Drug Addict and Thanksgiving: "So, they rouse themselves from their self-absorption and go to work, manufacturing crises and doing everything in their power to pull the rest of the family into the traumas of their own devising. They won’t stop until you stop them, or until they’ve made such a mess of the holiday that everyone — Every. Single. Person. — from the littlest baby to the senile old lady is a frazzled wreck, and sullenness and misery hang over the turkey like a fog."

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