Saturday, August 22, 2015

Social networking leading to drug abuse among kids worrying parents

Although this article below is from India, talking about how social media is affecting addiction--it affects us here in the U.S. too--However, you often hear that this drug or that drug is increasing in use and parents are concerned and kids are in trouble--this event or that supply is worse than ever. The media gives us headlines designed to scare us. Addiction to any particular drug goes up and down, but the rate of addiction remains pretty steady, about 1 in 10 of us are in trouble with mind affecting chemicals and this includes our kids.

You need to reamain diligent as you would with anything your kids take up--but I don't think social media is much worse then the tail gate parties of the past.

Social networking leading to drug abuse among kids worrying parents - The Times of India: ""There is a very close nexus between social networking sites, drug supply chain and drug abuse among children. Children active on social sites come across online drug suppliers and ultimately due to curiosity because of their age (adolescence) they get into addiction. Drug use and abuse is changing briskly in our society, and in present day it is one of the biggest challenges for us as our young are getting easily exposed to drugs online and abusing it. Children are placing order online and the consignment is reaching them at their doorstep." "

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