Thursday, May 14, 2015

Offering Money to Smokers to Quit Pays Off, Study Finds

I like this!!!! It's a new look at getting people to do somehting that is good for them but maybe they don't really want kids and drugs. We know that these things don't work:

saying, "When I was your age..."
shaming (trying to make them feel guilty)
letting them drink at home so they won't drink with their friends
Howver, if you piad them not to do drugs...would it work? Somehting to think about! If it works for smoking, it just might work (at least with some kids) for drinking and druging...

Offering Money to Smokers to Quit Pays Off, Study Finds - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Offering financial incentives to smokers to quit is more effective than offering free counseling and nicotine replacement therapy, a new study concludes.

More than 2,500 CVS Health employees participated in the study. They were assigned to one of five groups: individual reward (based on their own performance); collaborative reward (based on their group’s performance); individual deposit (requiring an upfront deposit of $150 with subsequent matching funds); competitive deposit (competing for other participants’ deposits and matching funds) or usual care (including free smoking cessation aids and informational resources)."

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