Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Talk to children about drug abuse -

It is always wise to remind parents to talk to their kids about drugs. It is a revolving educational wheel. Each year new parent's have have that reach the teen years and so each year we have to tell them the same thing we told parents last year. When we talk to our kids, the main thing is to make it real. If you used drugs, talk about it. Be open and honest and share your concerns. Let them know what is acceptable and what is not. And most of all--do not threaten. If you have a boundary they cannot cross, let them know and enforce it. Don't make threats you will not carry out. Kids are smarter than you think. And if you are talking about now, they probably have already experimented. So let them know what you think and ask them what they think. You probably won't stop them from experimenting, but at least they know they can talk to you.

Talk to children about drug abuse - Bowling Green Daily News: Features: "Continue talking through adolescence,” she said. “It is important they become aware of your concerns and know how you feel. Plus, it’s always healthy and beneficial to communicate calmly and clearly. Initiate an open dialog, and be sure to listen to what they have to say – despite the fact that the subject matter may make you uncomfortable.”"

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