Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Guide to Life: How to keep your kids off drugs HA HA HA

HA HA HA....still using this old meme--Hey, I have news for you people giving advice to parents, Teens do all kinds of "suspicious" behavior. It's the nature of adolescence. I was a screaming alcoholic in high school and made straight As. I was the darling of all the teachers. The only really really useful advice here is that the best indicator of a problem is a "change in friends." and that means friends who use drugs. The article is here:

Parents might see a drop in grades or unexplained absences from school, said Paul Coleman, president of Maryhaven, a treatment facility on the East Side with 52 inpatient beds and 75 outpatient slots for adolescents.

An outgoing teen who is abusing drugs might become withdrawn. A son once passionate about football might quit the team, or a daughter might start showing interest in dark music.

“The best way to test children for drugs is with their own eyes,” Coleman said. “And the major thing parents need to watch — and watch like a hawk — is a change in friends.”

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