Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting your Students in Recovery in college

There are a number of choices for getting your recovering child into college. (or even High school . Texas Tec, a long time champion of kids in recovery),  has just been awarded a grant to help teach other colleges how to tap into recovery.

It was Job Core that put me through college once I sobered up at age 21. I had a baby, was new in recovery and was running a halfway house for drug addicted hippies! But we find that once addicts are clean and sober, there isn't much they can't do. Think about, if we can live through addiction, we got to be pretty resilient! Read here about what Teas tec is doing:

Texas Tech Is Nation's Best College for Students in Recovery | The Fix: "Texas Tech's innovative program for addicted students is so successful that it's been granted $700,000 of federal funding to teach other schools to do the same. College students are the fastest-growing sector seeking substance abuse in America today, which has led colleges around the country to establish “recovery communities.” These feature on-campus sober clubhouses, sober recreational activities and recovery courses, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday. "

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