Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random student drug tests work, Churchie says

Interesting report on radom drug testing:
Random student drug tests work, Churchie says: "''So we have had a policy in the school for a number of years that we can put a student on random drug testing at any time that we see fit in consultation with the family.
''If we have concerns about a boy we will consult with the family and agree to go on a random drug testing program.''
Mr Hensman said the school took a ''zero tolerance'' approach to drugs and if a student tested positive they were immediately expelled.
Students who enrolled in Churchie and had been expelled from another school for drug use were put on a contract which could include random drug tests.

''If we hear through the grapevine a student is involved in drugs and we have no proof of that, we will enter into a relationship with the family of what's in the best interests of the student and one of the outcomes could be random drug testing,'' he said."

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  1. Getting into drugs is something that many people succumb to. Random drug testing is really good to protect students from drugs. Thanks!


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