Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Opening a dialogue between parents and children about drugs-Dr. Oz

Recnelty Dr. Oz turned from advising people about their weight and aging woes and posed the question about what bothers them about their kids--he got and earful. They were fearful their kids had picked up deadly drug habits. And they have--but its not really anything new. Youth and addiction--its been a problem for us since the dark ages--talking to kids is a always a great idea (although not a panecea) and I support teh National Night of Conversation for the 19th!

Opening a dialogue between parents and children about drugs - Houston Chronicle: "Oz learned that drug overdoses have surpassed traffic accidents as the leading cause of death among young people and that prescription painkillers, and even heroin, are seeping into American middle schools and high schools. That's when the cardiologist, host of "The Dr. Oz Show" and father of four, decided to use his bully pulpit to focus on youth addiction and recovery.

Oz, health officials and addiction experts around the country are calling for a "National Night of Conversation" on Nov. 19. They are hoping families will set aside that Thursday evening for heart-to-heart talks about drugs."

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