Sunday, November 10, 2013

Man dies after accidentally drinking £34,000 of crystal meth thinking it was a HEALTH DRINK | Mail Online

Here is a sad story about drugs gone wrong--I feel sorry for the daughter here. However, some people think she was murdering her father and the story is suspicious. Others think the media are dolts for blaming this on the series "Breaking Bad." To me, the most interesting part of the story are the comments after the story. Read the story below, but most important, read the comments--incredible!
Man dies after accidentally drinking £34,000 of crystal meth thinking it was a HEALTH DRINK | Mail Online: "A man has died after drinking a massive overdose of liquid crystal meth after mistaking it for a health drink.
Romano Dias, 55, had been given a bottle of what appeared to be a fruit-based drink by his daughter Katee, who had found it in a package delivered to her home.
After downing about half a glass of the liquid he immediately began to feel ill and died shortly afterwards.
Police say that finding the drug in the UK is very unusual, but crystal meth has been brought to the public's attention by the multi award-winning TV show Breaking Bad."

and here's a smattering of the comments--there are over 300! But gives one insight into how people think about drugs.

As for Breaking Bad bringing it to the UK's consciousness, you do know that Breaking Bad was on for 5 years don't you? Think something would have happened before this, that is for sure.

Cute. The police don't know what's obviously going on And the media does a comedy writeup on a TV show to help them cover up their ignorance.
Who in their right mind would drink something delivered to their home addressed to someone else???
Agatha Christie would have been proud.
 The tv program isn't glamourising this drug!! Infact it does exactly what it should be doing!! It shows meth addicts as dirty hollow faced druggies who would steal from their own kids to get a fix. Don't glamourise the "euphoric high" instead show pictures of addicts and what it really does to your body!! It eats your flesh away!!! Disgusting!!! Say no!!!!!!!

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