Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Drug That Never Lets Go

Speaking of "bullet proof"--here are some more dangerous drugs out on the streets today--bath salts--(that's just a nic name, you don't have to hide the Epson.) This is a bizarre new drug--while you are reading the one abut kidney failure, also read this article to your least if they know there is danger--some of them may be less likely to glorify taking unknown substances...  so read both the articles to your teens at the next family meeting or get together.

The Drug That Never Lets Go: "The suicide was the culmination of five days of strange behavior that began shortly after Sanders snorted a powdery substance he bought from a friend. Instead of the brief high he was seeking, he experienced days of insomnia, along with waves of terror and frightening delusions, including an incident where he “saw” 25 police cars outside his parents' kitchen window and then slit his own throat with a butcher knife. That incident landed Sanders in the hospital with stitches. For a few hours, the hallucinations subsided."

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