Tuesday, September 1, 2015

‘Not My Child’ event to sound warning on drug use

The very thing that makes parents so wonderful, their firm belief in their pride and joy is also their greatest downfoall--their unfialiling belief in pride and joy--so often, they simply cannot "see" what is goiing on. That is what our online questions "The Winning Hand. 21 Questions for Parents." is all about--giving parents the heads up when they simply can not "see". If your child is between 12 and 20--take this every 6 months! Read below about the "Not My Child" position of the most loving parents.

‘Not My Child’ event to sound warning on drug use - New Jersey Herald: "“I wanted to do the event for parents to let them know why kids get involved with drugs, how they get involved, when they get involved and what the signs are,” said Kelli Yanez, a faith-based drug and alcohol counselor with an office in the Franklin Cares building, who organized the event. “A lot of parents think ‘it’s not my kid’ that will get involved with drugs, but it is everywhere and can affect everyone.”"

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